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As we progress in age, the rich supply of nutrients that kept our skin looking young, firm, and supple start to deplete. When this happens, it can cause a wide range of cosmetic imperfections that affect our face, hands, and body, including wrinkles. Even though we all get wrinkles at some point, there are certain factors that may accelerate them, such as smoking, dehydration, unprotected sun exposure, and genetics. To manage and reduce the appearance of wrinkles throughout your face and body, our team at Symphony Medical Spa offers laser wrinkle removal with the Harmony XL PRO. Utilizing this advanced technology, Dr. Carolyn Forbes can target dynamic lines and folds and gently tighten them with highly precise heat energy. Reach out to our team in Tooele, UT to schedule your consultation, and find out how we can use nonsurgical techniques to smooth and remodel your appearance.

HOW IS IT performed?

Since laser wrinkle removal is a noninvasive treatment, it can be an excellent solution for the vast majority of people. Ideal candidates for this procedure are men and women who have mild to moderate folds throughout their complexion. At Symphony Medical Spa, our team uses the Harmony XL PRO to reduce the appearance of dynamic lines and folds. This treatment can be done near the eyes, on the forehead, around the mouth, on the neck, and almost anywhere you have wrinkles. Using gentle heating technology, the device enhances your body's natural production of collagen to encourage tightening. The cooling system built into the Harmony XL PRO works to minimize the heat emitting from the laser, providing a comfortable experience. 

Laser Wrinkle Removal FAQ

How many sessions are necessary to achieve the results I want?
Your ideal number of laser wrinkle removal sessions will depend on the severity of your lines and wrinkles, overall skin condition, and your aesthetic goals. At your exam, Dr. Forbes will inquire about your needs and objectives so that she can establish how many sessions would be the most beneficial.

Can I use laser wrinkle removal in conjunction with additional treatments?
Yes, absolutely. Laser wrinkle removal can be performed as a solo treatment or blended with other procedures. Many patients decide to have laser-based wrinkle removal in conjunction with additional nonsurgical procedures.

Does laser wrinkle removal hurt?
At Symphony Medical Spa, we do everything we can to make sure you feel comfortable for the duration of your treatment. While most individuals say that this noninvasive procedure isn't uncomfortable, our team can give you a topical anesthetic to make you more comfortable — so you can have a wonderful experience. Most patients compare the sensation to a penetrating yet gentle warmth or heat that is balanced by the onboard cooling system of the Harmony XL PRO.


With advancements in aesthetic technology, Dr. Carolyn Forbes and her team can tighten your skin and create the younger-looking appearance you want without any surgical intervention. Laser wrinkle removal at Symphony Medical Spa is tailored to your unique complexion and wrinkle distribution. To schedule a consultation at our Tooele, UT office or learn more about our personalized laser services, contact our team today!

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