What Should I Avoid Putting on My Skin After Laser Acne Treatment?

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Having acne at any age can be stressful, frustrating, and even embarrassing. For adults, in particular, acne is often disruptive and prevents people from feeling confident at work and in their relationships. For patients who struggle with chronic or recurrent acne that does not respond to topical products and other treatment options, Dr. Carolyn Forbes and the caring team at Symphony Medical Spa are proud to offer laser acne treatment in Tooele, UT. With laser acne treatment, patients can achieve a remarkably and reliably clearer, smoother, and more desirable complexion. Before scheduling your laser acne treatment, review the information here to better understand what to expect during and after your treatment session, including how to care for your healing skin and what products and routines you may need to temporarily avoid.

What to expect during laser acne treatment

Laser acne treatment at Symphony Medical Spa is performed using the state-of-the-art Harmony® XL PRO laser, engineered to deliver a complete and efficient treatment with minimal damage to the surrounding tissues. To begin, the patient’s skin is cleaned, and protective eyewear is provided. Most patients do not require topical numbing for laser acne treatment. Once the skin is prepared, the Harmony XL PRO laser handpiece is used to deliver targeted laser energy to the affected areas. This process helps to eradicate acne-causing bacteria, unclog pores, slow oil production, and address other issues that contribute to acne breakouts and blemishes. Additionally, the heated laser energy stimulates collagen production for a firmer, healthier-looking complexion and can also improve aesthetic concerns, like sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, and dark spots.

Caring for your skin after laser acne treatment

Following your laser acne treatment, your skin will likely appear somewhat red and irritated, and may be mildly swollen. Patients often report itching as well, similar to how the skin may feel after a sunburn. As your skin heals, which can take a few days or up to a week in some cases, it is important to practice proper aftercare, including moisturizing the skin and wearing sunscreen. Patients should also be aware of what products and routines to avoid after laser acne treatment, such as:

  • Harsh exfoliants
  • Irritative products, like acids and retinols
  • Direct sun exposure
  • Tanning beds or products
  • Picking or scratching the skin

In the first 24 hours after laser acne treatment, it may be recommended that patients avoid skin care products of any kind, as well as makeup, to allow the newly treated skin to settle and to avoid infection. Strenuous physical activity that induces sweating or overheating is also discouraged, as this can exacerbate swelling and irritation.

When will my skin be clear after laser acne treatment?

On average, patients can expect to undergo a series of 3 – 4 laser acne treatments to achieve an optimal outcome, though preliminary improvements are often enjoyed after the first 1 – 2 treatment sessions. With a full round of 3 – 6 laser acne treatment sessions, many patients have transformed their skin and regained their confidence with consistent, lasting results.

Clear up chronic breakouts with laser acne treatment in Tooele, UT

If you are embarrassed by acne flare-ups on your face or body and over-the-counter products or prescription medications aren’t doing the trick, consider laser acne treatment. For more information about whether laser acne treatment may be appropriate and effective for you, call Symphony Medical Spa in Tooele, UT to schedule your consultation with physician and aesthetic expert Dr. Carolyn Forbes today.

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