Get Clear, Virtually Blemish-Free Skin With Laser Acne Treatment

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Do you have acne? You're not alone. Acne is a common skin condition that affects teens and adults of all ages. While over-the-counter treatments may help, laser acne treatment at Symphony Medical Spa may be necessary for more severe or persistent cases.

Laser treatment is an effective way to get clear, virtually blemish-free skin in Tooele, UT. It works by targeting the root cause of your blemishes. Below, board-certified family physician Dr. Carolyn Forbes discusses the cutting-edge Harmony XL PRO laser and some benefits you can expect from our innovative acne treatment. Keep reading to learn more.

What causes acne breakouts?

Acne breakouts are caused by sebum, a natural substance that lubricates the hair and skin. Sebum overproduction clogs hair follicles and leads to the development of blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples. Factors like stress, hormone changes, and diet can worsen symptoms and lead to more severe blemishes. People can develop inflamed areas on the face, collarbone, upper back, shoulders, chest, and even arms.

Persistent acne can make you feel self-conscious and prevent you from enjoying social activities or time with friends and family. Even traditional drugstore treatments may not be enough to clear up your skin. In these cases, laser acne treatment at Symphony Medical Spa can help.

What does laser acne treatment do?

Laser acne treatment is a safe way to clear up blemishes and get healthy skin. It works by targeting the root cause of your acne. The Harmony XL PRO laser destroys acne-causing bacteria and heats up the sebaceous glands to prevent sebum overproduction and the possibility of future breakouts. Symphony Medical Spa can perform a skin care evaluation to determine if laser treatment is the best option for your breakouts.

Why should I get laser acne treatment?

Laser treatment is often personalized to meet each patient's cosmetic goals. Dr. Forbes uses her extensive background and experience to create your custom plan during a consultation. This appointment is the best time to ask any questions you have about our process and the technology we use. Residents in Tooele, UT often choose our treatment for the following benefits:

  • Reduced inflammation

  • Fewer breakouts

  • Less severe breakouts

  • Less acne scarring

  • Improved complexion overall

  • Clearer and healthier skin

How long does it take to see clear skin?

Most patients see an improvement in their skin after 3 – 6 sessions with the Harmony XL PRO laser. However, the number of appointments required varies from person to person. Patients should be transparent about their skin care history and goals in order to receive the best results.

Want to enjoy your outcomes long-term? Our team at Symphony Medical Spa can provide information about maintaining a good care routine at home. This may include avoiding acne triggers and using the right products for your skin type. Patients are welcome to return for follow-up laser acne treatments as needed.

Reduce acne breakouts with laser treatment

Acne breakouts can be frustrating, but they don't have to control your life. Symphony Medical Spa can help clear your skin with advanced laser acne treatment. If you are in the Tooele, UT, area and are interested in learning more about our services or the Harmony XL PRO laser, contact us for a skin care consultation. Dr. Carolyn Forbes can help you get the beautiful complexion you have always wanted.

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