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What Should I Avoid Putting on My Skin After Laser Acne Treatment?

Dr. Carolyn Forbes | 05/16/2023

Learn the dos and don’ts of aftercare following laser acne treatment to avoid irritating your skin and to encourage an optimal outcome.


Will Exercising After Body Sculpting Treatments Speed Up My Results?

Dr. Carolyn Forbes | 04/29/2023

Think you’ll need to pause your exercise routine after SculpSure®? Think again. Learn how working out can actually boost your results!


How Can Patients Keep Fat Away After Fat Reduction Treatment?

Dr. Carolyn Forbes | 03/14/2023

Helpful tips for maintaining your slimmer new look following nonsurgical fat reduction.


Where on the Body Can Cellulite be Reduced With Laser Treatment?

Dr. Carolyn Forbes | 02/16/2023

Cellulite can develop on more than just the thighs. Discover how laser cellulite treatment can help smooth your skin from head to toe.


Will I Feel Pain During Laser Acne Treatment?

Dr. Carolyn Forbes | 01/23/2023

Are you avoiding laser acne treatment because you’re worried it will hurt? You may be surprised to find that most patients report minimal discomfort.


Body Contouring Can Help You Start the New Year with a New You

Dr. Carolyn Forbes | 12/22/2022

‘Tis the season for treating yourself. Kick the holidays off with nonsurgical body contouring to set yourself up for a happy new year.


These Common Areas are Perfect for Fat Reduction Treatments

Dr. Carolyn Forbes | 11/12/2022

Blast excess fat in your problem areas with TempSure® nonsurgical fat reduction.


How to Maintain Your Laser Cellulite Reduction Results

Dr. Carolyn Forbes | 10/13/2022

Keep your skin looking smooth and sexy with these helpful tips following laser cellulite reduction.


How Long Does Laser Acne Treatment Last?

Dr. Carolyn Forbes | 09/13/2022

Considering laser treatment to fight acne? Find out what kinds of results you can expect and how long you’ll be able to enjoy a clearer complexion.


Does Fat Reduction With TempSure® Have Long-lasting Results?

Dr. Carolyn Forbes | 08/05/2022

How long does nonsurgical fat reduction last? The answer may surprise you!


What Causes Cellulite on the Back of My Thighs?

Dr. Carolyn Forbes | 07/05/2022

Cellulite is often unavoidable, but it can be improved. Learn what may be causing your cellulite and how you can get smoother skin here.


Can Laser Treatment Permanently Remove Acne Scars?

Dr. Carolyn Forbes | 06/09/2022

Laser treatment can remove unwanted acne scars that make you feel self-conscious. Discover how we treat textured or rough skin at our clinic today.


Noninvasive Body Sculpting Can Give You the Body You Deserve

Dr. Carolyn Forbes | 05/10/2022

TempSure is a body sculpting treatment for the arms, legs, and abdomen. Read about this nonsurgical method for fat removal and how it works in Tooele.


Blast Those Stubborn Fat Areas With Laser Cellulite Reduction

Dr. Carolyn Forbes | 04/10/2022

Dimpled skin from cellulite can make you feel embarrassed or frustrated. Learn how laser cellulite reduction works and how it produces great results.


Get Clear, Virtually Blemish-Free Skin With Laser Acne Treatment

Dr. Carolyn Forbes | 03/08/2022

Acne breakouts cannot always be treated with over-the-counter products. Learn the benefits of laser acne treatment using the Harmony XL PRO laser.


Laser Hair Removal


Tired of unwanted hair? Well we are here to help. With the lowest prices in Utah, we want to help you achieve you hair loss goals.


Sun Damage and Sun Spots


Get back your beautiful skin with Symphony Medical Spas noninvasive laser technology.


Acne Scars


Say goodbye to acne scars, and hello to clear bright beautiful skin!


Meet Our Staff


Thanks for keeping with us. Today we are going to be peaking into the lives of our staff so you can get to know us a little bit better!


Vaginal Revitalization


TempSure Vitalia is a gentle radio frequency-based treatment which enables non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation.


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